Greenhill Timbers is reputational for providing quality and service for over 13 years. Our prime goal is to operate with businesses and customers as a flooring specialist. We combine our vast building project experience to achieve and offer timber products and performance at the lowest cost. We are dedicated to supplying quality timber, restoration, and repair and installation services in combination with our invaluable expertise and professional flooring and timber knowledge.

Greenhill Timber is a complete Timber Flooring installation service including timber supply, laying and access to highly experience and skill technician to work on your flooring project. You can explore our entire range on our online website or, visit our showroom.

We are always striving for excellence, we use the best equipment and products in the industry and do our best to make sure you end up with what you want.

To get started, all projects performed by us will be delivered on time, on budget, and in total accordance with project specifications.

We can install

  • Solid Timber Floor
  • Engineered Floor
  • Laminate Floor Vinyl Floor

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