Timber Decking

Bring your vision for your outdoor spaces to life with our timber decking options in Melbourne. With us find the best decking timber in Australia and build your space exactly how you envisioned it.

Best Decking Timber

Looking for premium timber decking solutions in Australia? Look no further than our exclusive collection at Greenhill Timbers. With a superior assortment of top-quality timber decking, we are the one team that delivers all your outdoor decking needs. With the finest selection that meets all budgets, we are all set to be your go-to timber deck supplier in Melbourne. Our wide selection of timber decking comes in different colours, textures and species of timber so homeowners and commercial property owners find the right fit for their needs. We never compromise on quality and appearance and bring to you the finest decking timber that will suit any landscape. So, if you wish to invest in a timber deck that stands the test of time and offers resistance against rain, snow, heat and other elements, connect with our team at Greenhill Timbers today!

An Extensive Collection of Decking Timber in Melbourne

Our carefully curated timber decking collection is durable and renders a decorative fineness to your premise. If you are seeking a collection of timber for decking, you must check out our vast catalogue. Here, our experts bring to you products deemed fit to endure the ever-changing Australian climate while meeting the requirements of property owners like you. Whether you opt for Blackbutt, Ironbark, Greybox, Merbau, Silvertop Ash, or the Australian Spotted Gum, we offer all of these at top-notch quality. When you entrust us as your premier timber decking supplier, we will present you with the best decking timber that blends durability and style seamlessly.

Our diverse assortment of decking timber types is thoughtfully designed to align with the decor and landscape of any space. The sizable catalogue we present to you encompasses a spectrum of choices. From dark nutty honey, reddish brown tinge, and dark brown hues to pale greys, soft creams and soft wheat, we offer a huge variety of colours. You can explore multiple possibilities with our timber decking in Melbourne and invest in the timber that perfectly aligns with your unique needs and vision for your outdoor space.

Rest easy knowing that our commitment extends beyond the exquisiteness of your space. We offer decking timber resistant to decay, termite infestation and weathering, thus ensuring that with little maintenance, your space looks new for a long time. We pride ourselves on ethically and responsibly sourcing materials from trusted suppliers across the globe, ensuring that every product in our collection stands the best in terms of quality. With us, you're making an investment that enhances the charm of your outdoor space. Choose Greenhill Timbers as your trusted partner, and complement your property with top-notch timber solutions.

Find All Decking Timber Types Under One Roof

When it comes to timber decking, there are several options available in the market but the most preferred decking timber types include:

At Greenhill Timbers, you can find all these and a lot more under one roof. Whether you have a specific timber deck in mind or are looking for inspiration, browse through our catalogue, find the option that best suits the overall vibe of your property and receive that at competitive rates.

The Benefits of Timber Decking

Be it for a busting modern commercial space or a quiet and rustic residential property in the suburbs, using timber for decking is an ideal choice for all kinds of outdoor spaces. Why? There are not one but several reasons:

Blends Seamlessly into Various Environments

We offer the best decking supplies in Melbourne that harmoniously integrate into different property designs and outdoor landscapes with the timber deck's minimal and natural layout. It is an excellent choice for versatility.

High Aesthetic Value

Timber has an unparalleled value and quality. Using it for your decking improves your property's curb value and also safeguards it against harsh weather conditions.

Lasting Investment

With proper care and maintenance according to the decking timber types, you can ensure that it stands the test of time and stays flawless for years. It will keep adding value to your property and prove to be a wise, long-term investment for you.

Wise Investment for Commercial and Residential Properties

Whether you own a commercial space or a residential property, making an investment in the decor, quality, and longevity of your outdoor spaces. Choose us as your trusted timber decking supplier, and together, let's boost your property's charm and durability.

A Trusted Timber Decking Supplier

At Greenhill Timbers, we make every effort to bring top-notch quality to tailored timber decking solutions. Whether you own a cosy home, manage a bustling commercial property, or if you're a seasoned builder, we've got you covered. As your comprehensive destination for top-tier timber composite decking, we're committed to enhancing the ambience of your outdoor space. All of our collections will complement brights, whites and neutrals on your property.

Are you ready to transform your outdoor space with decking timber solutions? Reach out to Greenhill Timbers today and experience the unmatched quality that our premium timber decking brings to your property. For more information, contact us today
at info@greenhilltimbers.com.au or 03 9465 9875.

Choose the Right Hybrid Flooring for Your Property!

Flooring is indeed a one-time investment, so make a choice you will never regret or get bored of. Hybrid flooring is a timeless choice that goes well with all colours and designs. Even if you give your property a complete makeover, the hybrid flooring will fit right into the brand-new interiors and exteriors of your property. So, our hybrid flooring collection will cater to all your unique style preferences and the demands of modern life, whether in an active household or a bustling commercial space. If that sums up your expectations from your flooring, then it is time that you browse through our online catalogue and place your order today. If you have any questions or need any clarifications, contact us at info@greenhilltimbers.com.au or 03 9465 9875; we will be happy to help.


How long does timber decking typically last?

Depending on the quality of the material and the care measures adopted, hardwood decks can last 25-40 years, and softwood decks can last for 10-15 years.

Can wood decking be refinished or repaired if damaged?

Yes, wood decking can be refinished, and with sanding, staining, and sealing, you can restore its appearance. If there are any cracks, you can replace individual boards instead of replacing the entire structure.

Do you offer warranties on your decking supplies?

Yes, all our decking supplies come with a 25-year structural warranty. So, with us, you will never have to worry about wasting your money on cheap quality timber decks.

Is Timber Decking water-resistant?

Timber decking isn't naturally water-resistant, but some hardwoods like Ipe and Teak have better water resistance. But with proper sealing and maintenance measures, you can prevent moisture-related issues.

How do I clean and maintain Timber Decking?

To clean timber decking:

  • Sweep regularly to remove debris.
  • Use a mild, soapy solution with water for deeper cleaning.
  • Avoid pressure washing at high settings, as it can damage the wood.
  • Regularly seal or stain the deck to protect against moisture and UV rays.
  • Inspect for rot and address issues promptly.
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