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Decking provides the perfect outdoor flooring surface, beauitful, durable and has the asethetic qualities that will make your landscape dream a reality. Redesign it to what you want.


Decking is an ecological solution, simple and versatile in design, to furnish outdoor spaces of homes or rooms. An eco-friendly choice that is also ideal for terraces, gardens and poolside areas. The main aspect of decking is its ecological nature, which guarantees an excellent yield over time.


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Outdoor decking is wood flooring used to cover outdoor surfaces. There are some wood species that are naturally resistant to external agents – among these, teak, ipe and iroko are durable and do not require special treatments for conservation. Their characteristics make them suitable for decking.

Decking flooring (or outdoor parquet) is perfect for covering terraces, gardens, balconies, patios, pool edges, walkways and gazebos. It can be laid from scratch or on existing floors, does not require special maintenance and does not require special finishes but it is important to treat it with specific natural oils before installation, to prevent discolouration, due to continuous sun exposure.

Decking floor cover for any site

Decking (outdoor wood flooring) is our master piece collection because it captures the intrinsic charm of wood, interpreting its colour, shades and character.‎ Our selection of wood decking are made using innovative digital technology, making them ideal for outdoors.‎

We can help you to select the right material to use, install and set. We cut to length and drill with industry equipment for wood to enhance its beauty for any kind of tradtional or modern environment. We have a complete decking development system combined with high quality and functional contructions that delivers aesthetic appeal.

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