Blackbutt Decking

Blackbutt Decking is one of Australia’s common, wild trees and one of the most commonly used trees for timber production. Bring your vision for your outdoor spaces to life with our blackbutt decking options.

Blackbutt Decking Timber For All Your Diverse Needs

Your exterior determines the overall value of your property. So, build a space that captures all eyes and adds to the style quotient of your property with blackbutt timber decking. Whether you are planning to renovate your existing deck or wish to add a new one to your home or workspace, blackbutt timber is a functional choice that will fit right into the aesthetics of your property. Blackbutt timber's versatility allows you to bring your vision to life – you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, go for a contrasting look or create a luxurious vibe, depending on your application technique. Whether you wish to build a minimal deck for your commercial property or plan to add a touch of elegance to your residential space with an extravagant one, blackbutt timber can be your ideal choice. Blackbutt is a visually appealing decking material due to its unique shades. You can find it in golden yellow to pale brown with an occasional pink undertone. Apart from getting such exclusive colours, you can also stain, paint or polish the surface according to your taste. Timber blackbutt also has some awesome properties, such as fire resistance, long life, and mostly straight grains, that make it the best fit for all kinds of timber uses. So, whatever your vision might be, you can translate it into reality by choosing the suitable blackbutt decking timber.

A Trusted Supplier of Blackbutt Decking Timber

When sourcing premium blackbutt decking timber, look no further than us at Greenhill Timbers. We are known across Melbourne for the quality of our products and are a name trusted and recommended by all. When you choose us as your timber blackbutt supplier, you open the doors to –

  • Blackbutt decking timber that surpasses industry standards. Our multiple quality checks ensure that the quality of our products stands second to none. With extensive knowledge of timber and its varieties, we only invest in the best products in the market, and that's with us; quality will always be guaranteed.
  • We source our blackbutt timber from reliable suppliers from across the world. These suppliers are known for their materials' quality and commitment to environmental responsibility. So, you can lay your hands on ethically and responsibly sourced timber products with us.
  • Once you place your order with us, your chosen material will be delivered to your doorstep hassle-free. Our efficient logistics will ensure prompt delivery so that there are no delays.

So, from product quality delivery procedures to ethical sourcing practices, we pay close attention to them and secure a satisfactory experience for all our clients.

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When it comes to building a deck for your home or workspace, plenty of options are available in the market. If you are wondering why you choose blackbutt decking over other options, here are a few advantages of it that you could consider –

Irresistible Elegance

Enhance the elegance of your property effortlessly with blackbutt timber, renowned for its timeless and suave appearance. This versatile material complements various architectural styles and outdoor settings.


When crafting your decks, durability takes centre stage. Blackbutt timber excels in this aspect, boasting natural resistance to decay, termites, and other pests. With blackbutt decking you will be choosing longevity and reliability for your outdoor space with blackbutt decking.


Tailor your deck to perfection with blackbutt timber's versatility. Easily stain, oil, or finish the wood to achieve your desired colour and finish. Whatever your vision, blackbutt decking timber provides a canvas for bringing it to life.

Effortless Maintenance

Enjoy the benefits of blackbutt decking with minimal maintenance requirements. A simple cleaning routine and occasional maintenance checks are all it takes to preserve the beauty and longevity of your deck. Embrace hassle-free elegance with blackbutt timber.

If you wish to equip your home with these advantages, blackbutt timber is the right choice. But here also, you must invest in suitable quality materials to ensure they add value to your property for years. So, find the best quality blackbutt timber prices with us at Greenhill Timber. Visit our online store, slide through our catalogue, place your order and build your blackbutt deck with us today. For more information or clarifications, contact us at or 03 9465 9875.


What are the advantages of using Blackbutt decking timber?

black butt decking timber is durable, sustainable, and versatile. low maintenance and resistant to pests and decay, making it perfect for outdoor applications.

Is Blackbutt decking environmentally friendly?

If sourced from environmentally responsible manufacturers, blackbutt decking timber is a sustainable and ethical option.

What is the maintenance procedure for blackbutt decking timber?

  • Regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris.
  • Occasionally applying a protective coating or oil to preserve the timber's appearance and durability.

Can blackbutt decking timber withstand harsh weather conditions?

Yes, blackbutt timber is naturally resilient and known for its durability. It can withstand various weather conditions, including exposure to sunlight, rain, and fluctuating temperatures. Its inherent resistance to decay makes it an excellent choice for outdoor applications.

CIs blackbutt decking suitable for DIY projects, or should I hire a professional installer?

Blackbutt decking timber is easy to install, making it accessible for homeowners with some construction experience. However, hiring a professional can ensure precision and efficiency for more intricate designs or, if you prefer, a hassle-free installation. Greenhill Timbers provides helpful guidelines and recommendations.

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