Merbau Decking

Merbau is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, native to the Indo-Pacific regions. This species of timber has very high durability as well as termite-resistant, making it highly valued material for house interior and flooring. It varies from bright yellow through to pale to dark reddish-brown. It has moderate coarse but even texture, with a slightly interlocked grain producing a ribbon figure on the radial surface.

Common Names Ipil, Merbau, Kwila
Sizes (mm) 140×19, 90×19
Appearance Variable/interlocked/wavy wood grain, Coarse but even texture
Colours Pale to Dark reddish-brown
Grades Select
Janka Rating 9.0
Botanical Name Intsia bijuga
Fire-resistant rate BAL29, which does not have to be subjected to fire-retardant treatment.


Merbau decking is referred to as the professed “king” of timber decking. Celebrated as the best timber decking in Australia, Merbau timber decking boasts a number of attractive benefits and features.

Merbau is a species of flowering tree from the pea family and is native to the Indo-Pacific regions. The class itself is renowned for its incredible durability and termite resistance so it is no surprise that it translates to one of the most durable forms of timber decking.

At Greenhill Timbers, we are delighted to offer the best Merbau decking Melbourne has to offer. Merbau decking timber consistently remains one of the most in-demand decking timbers for both residential and commercial projects in Australia and this demand is not unfounded.

In purchasing Merbau decking lengths, you can avail of the following functional and aesthetic benefits:

Striking Colours

The Merbau species boasts a range of different colour timbers from yellow and brown shades to orange and red shades.

The choices of shades from bright yellows to dark red/brown ensures that it has fantastic aesthetic appeal and gives the customer lots of choice in defining a colour scheme for their decking.

Equal Stability & Durability

Merbau decking is appreciated as much for its beautiful striking design as its incredible stability and durability.

It does not shrink or crack, is naturally weather and termite resistant and will serve to stand the test of time, existing as long as the property itself.

It has the strength to cater for hosting many guests as well as bands and service areas. Merbau decking offers a fire rating of BAL29, which does not have to be subjected to fire-retardant treatment.

Distinctive Design

As well as striking colours, Merbau decking also offers a very distinctive design. The wavy and interlocked grain makes for an attractive feature and the semi-transparent finish seals the luxurious appearance of the decking.

At Greenhill Timber Merbau decking builders Melbourne, we offer a range of different Merbau decking sizes and lengths.

Merbau Timber decking sizes:

140×19, 90×19

Timber Lengths:

Random or Set lengths between 1.5-3.9 MT, 1.5-4.05 MT, 1.5-5.1 MT

Our Merbau decking timber prices will vary depending on the grade, size and length but regardless of which option you choose, you’re guaranteed to get cheap Merbau decking in Melbourne at Greenhill Timbers.

We have a strong reputation for delivering a top class service and high-quality product at the most attractive Merbau decking prices Melbourne wide.

If you wish to enquire about the price of Merbau deckings for your project, please feel free to contact our expert team about your needs.

We would be happy to discuss how this beautiful, durable timber can benefit your project and we’ll give you the most affordable Merbau decking timber prices Melbourne has to offer.