How to take care of your flooring?

As timber floors are one of the oldest forms of floor coverings, our knowledge, and advice surrounding how you should clean and maintain them have only expanded. By are following a few simple house rules, you will help keep them looking new for longer.

Clean spills immediately:

Because timber is reactive to its environment, it is a good idea to wipe up spills as soon as you see them. Keeping your home’s relative humidity between 30% – 50% will ensure an optimum atmosphere for your timber floors. Avoid using steam mops or wipes containing corrosive compounds that could affect the coating

Avoid rocks and other impurities that may travel under your shoes:

Little rocks and branches that get stuck under your soles may cause scratches on your timber floor. Therefore, being mindful of what you bring into the house will help prevent any unnecessary wear and tear.

Keeping up with your sweeping or vacuuming is a great way to maintain your floors, we recommend doing this once a week. Doing this not only keeps your timber floors in good shape for a long time, but it also keeps your house clean and tidy. Invest in a Robovac if you do not have the time to do this.

Physical floor protection:

Rugs, floor mats, and felt pads under your furniture is another great way to lengthen the life of the coating. It can be a great interior decoration while adding extra protection.

Maintenance intervals:

It is recommended that you use a specialized cleaning product for your wooden floors every month. Scuff marks and stubborn stains can sometimes be removed with light rubbing using a wood floor cleaner, but you should test it on an isolated area to make sure the cleaner you have is compatible with your floor. Never use bleaches, harsh detergents, abrasive cleaners, turpentine, kerosene, steel wool, or abrasive cloths.

Over time, the coating will start to wear down and may start to look a little dull, by this time, you may consider a buff and recoat by a professional floor polisher. Your coating should last you 10-15 years of regular wear before maintenance coat/re-sand and polish is due. It is advisable to apply a maintenance coat before the surface has been excessively worn. This will save the need for re-sanding. Just when this maintenance coat will be required is again entirely a factor of wear and care.

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