Bamboo Garden Edging

Bamboo edging is a natural, easy to install border for gardens, flower beds, lawns and landscaping. Made from natural bamboo, it also adds style and an oriental-inspired look to your garden.

Common Names 
Sizes (mm) 1800×900, 2100×900, 2400×900
Colours Black & Yellow, Mid-Yellow
Janka Rating
Botanical Name Bambusoideae


Bamboo edgings are great as accents in your garden.  These are made of 1.5″ diameter solid bamboo poles for visual enhancement. It is flexible and can be bent to different shapes, such as a circle. The top of the poles are cut just above the notch so water will not accumulate in the bamboo poles. The bamboo is drilled and strung together using heavy galvanized wire but designed in a way so that no wire is visible. Comes in rolled form so it  is flexible and very easy to install.