Treated Pine Posts

Treated pine is extremely versatile and can be used broadly both inside and outside houses, landscaping, commercial buildings and rural applications with a life expectancy of 25 -50 years against Termite and Fungal decay.

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Pine is one of the fastest-growing woods, making it a great renewable resource. However, Pine timber has a low level of natural durability. To improve its service life and the applications it can be utilised for, it needs to be ‘treated’.

Using incorrect untreated posts could leave the posts vulnerable to rotting because it is in direct contact with the soil where moisture, fungi and insects are abundant.

Our Treated Pine Posts are treated to H4 level, to combat fungal decay and termite attacks, making these posts highly suitable for in-ground exterior use and landscaping projects such as pergola posts, fence posts and retaining walls. Notably, our Treated Pine Posts are lightweight and easy to work with.