Merbau Posts

Merbau (also known as Kwila) is a rainforest hardwood from Indonesia, that is commonly dark brown to dark reddish-brown in colour.

Common Names Ipil, Merbau, Kwila
Sizes (mm) 
Appearance Variable/interlocked/wavy wood grain, Coarse but even texture
Colours Pale to Dark reddish-brown
Grades Select
Janka Rating 9.0
Botanical Name Intsia bijuga
Fire-resistant rate BAL29, which does not have to be subjected to fire-retardant treatment.


Merbau is one of the world’s most durable timber and is very resistant to decay. It can be used fully exposed to climates, provided it is clear of the ground and well ventilated. The average life expectancy of this timber is approx 25 years when installed correctly and maintained twice yearly.