Thermally Treated Timbers
Roasted American Oak, Roasted Blackbutt

Thermally Treated American Oak

Thermally Treated Timbers refers to a process where timbers undergo a heating process that changes the molecular structure of the timber.

The visual effects of Thermal Modification can result in a deeply rich brown colour with a highlighted grain. Species commonly treated this way include Blackbutt and American Oak. The process also increases stability and durability of the timber as well as well as its resistance to some micro-organisms.

Common Name: Vale Mist
Size (mm): 2000 x 193 x 12mm
Appearance: Registered Embossed / Matt Finish
Rating: A+ , AC5 Heavy Commercial


Thermal modification uses only heat to change the physical and chemical nature of the wood. The process is also known as Thermo Curing, Baking or Roasting and changes the timbers colour to a rich brown hue. Species commonly used are Blackbutt and American Oak.

Thermal modification dramatically strengthens the molecular structure and stability of the timber as well as increases resistance to cupping, twisting and warping. It also destroys any microorganisms that may be present and creates a resistance to future infestations. However, when used for external applications, the thermally treated timber will weather and grey if not sealed with an oil or coating.

Other Applications

  • Flooring
  • Architectural cladding
  • Feature walls
  • Decking
  • Window and door joinery
  • Doors for kitchen cabinets.