Roasted Peat

Roasted Peat is an Australian hardwood that has been put through a thermal modification process that uses a high temperature and humidity to permanently alter the molecular structure of the wood fibre.

Common Names Roasted Peat
Sizes (mm) 86 x 10, 83 x 14, 128 x 14, 178 x 14
Appearance Gum vein, Insect trails and Other natural characteristics
Colours Earth tones to dark chocolate
Grades Prestige, Rustic
Janka Rating 9.5
Botanical Name 


The process greatly increases the density and stability of the wood, as well as locking in rich deep earth to coffee brown colour tones. Warm golden highlights are sometimes present within this timber. No chemicals are required in the modification process and only water and heat are used, making the process extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable. The higher the temperature the Roasted Peat timber has been exposed to, the darker the result will be.

This colour change penetrates throughout the entire timber plank, eliminating the need for any floor stains.
With the deep dark tones of Roasted Peat engineered flooring, it’s slightly textured surface and matte oil finish is a perfect addition to any elegant home.

Common Applications
The warm and rich colour of Roasted Peat timber makes it the perfect timber flooring choice for any bedroom or kitchen. Installing Roasted Peat flooring will instantly add an element of elegance and luxury into any home design.

Aside from flooring applications, Roasted Peat can be used for:

  • Stairs
  • Furniture