Grey Ironbark Flooring

grey ironbark

A large hardwood is common along the coast of New South Wales and Queensland.

Colour varies from pale brown to dark chocolate brown. Texture moderately coarse and even. Grain usually interlocked.

Normally used for flooring, heavy engineering construction and sleepers.

Common Names Ironbark
Size (mm) 
Appearance Moderately coarse and even, Straight grain, Occasionally interlocked
Colours Light grey, Light chocolate, Darker reds and browns
Grades Standard & Better
Janka Rating 14.0.
Botanical Name Eucalyptus paniculata


Grey Ironbark offers a stunning display of colours, ranging from light chocolate to darker reds and browns.

The texture is moderately coarse and even, with interlocking grain.

The timber is a premium native hardwood that is highly regarded as a high-quality timber in Australia.

It is especially hard, strong and durable timber, with a wide range of applications, due to its protection against lyctid borers and termites.