A hard wearing, light coloured hardwood timber, Blackbutt is a neutral light coloured variation of warm of brown and cream hues.

The grain in Blackbutt is generally straight with a medium and even texture. Blackbutt is an excellent choice for its strength and versatility of application.

Common Names Blackbutt, Coastal Blackbutt
Sizes (mm) 80 x 13, 83 x 14, 86 x 10, 130 x 124, 180 x 14, 85 x 19, 108 x 19, 130 x 19, 180 x 21
Appearance Pinholes, Dark Gum Vein & Occasional Surface Checking
Colours Fairly Even, Light Honeys to Golden Nutty Browns
Grades Select, Prestige, Standard, Standard & Better, Rustic
Janka Rating 9.1
Botanical Name Eucalyptus Pilularis


Blackbutt is a strong and durable hardwood that grows in abundance in the coastal forests of South Eastern Australia. The common name is derived from the distinctive charcoal look that is only present on the base of the trunk.

Blackbutt timber provides great fire resistance, making it one of the seven hardwood timber species that is suitable by the Building Commission in Victoria for home construction in bushfire-prone areas.

Typically, Blackbutt timber has an even texture and a straight grain. This makes it visually appealing for interior uses and applications such as flooring.

Blackbutt wood ranges from a golden yellow to a pale brown. Occasionally, a faint pink tint may be present. The warm nutty hue of Blackbutt timber will compliment a range of interior home designs where a neutral palette is required.



This highly versatile timber can be used for most structural, exterior and interior applications. The most common use is for timber framing. However, Blackbutt can also be used in the following applications:

  • Cladding
  • Internal & External Flooring
  • Decking
  • Joinery
  • Furniture