American Oak

American Oak trees are grown extensively across the East Coast of the United States, making American Oak one of the pre-eminent hardwoods of eastern North America.

It is a popular choice for flooring due to its pronounced grain pattern. The timber typically has a fine grain that is strong and visible with a few markings.

Common Names Oak, American white
Sizes (mm) 125-225 x 25 / 38 / 50
Appearance Mostly straight-grained, Medium to coarse texture, Distinctive growth rings & Medullary rays may be present
Colours Pale yellow-brown to mid-brown, sometimes with a pink tinge
Grades Select, Rustic
Janka Rating 6.0
Botanical Name Quercus alba


American Oak responds well to stains and polishes, meaning that a multitude of colours can be achieved using this type of timber, adding to its versatility and enhancing the appearance of the oak.

This highly attractive timber varies from a warm and pale brown, with a pink to red-brown hue.

American Oak typically portrays a straight-grain with a coarse texture. However, both the colour and the texture of the oak will vary depending on the growing region of the American Oaktree.

American Oak flooring exhibits a modern and polished appearance and perfectly complements a contemporary home design.

American Oak is often used in:

  • Interior Applications (Flooring, Furniture, Joinery, Panelling)
  • Exterior Applications (Decking & Cladding)