Red Ironbark Flooring

Red Ironbark is an extremely distinctive Australian hardwood that has been prized for its strength and durability. Red Ironbark grows readily in north central Victoria, on the western slopes of NSW and in some coastal districts of Queensland.

The Ironbark tree can be easily recognised by its hard, deeply furrowed and rough bark, ranging from a dark grey to black hue. Red Ironbark has been the preferred structural timber for over 200 years, due to its long-term endurance in weather-exposed applications. Many wharfs, piers, bridges and railways were built using the tough Red Ironbark.

Aside from its density and durability, Red Ironbark is stunning when polished as it possesses a deep rich dark reddish-brown colour with a fine and even texture and an interlocked grain.

The strength and durability of Red Ironbark has seen it be used throughout the last few centuries as a preferred structural timber. It is the ideal timber for hardwearing, weather-exposed applications, such as:

  • Heavy Engineering Construction (wharfs, bridges)
  • Decking
  • Post & Poles