Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring consists of a high density fibre board with a top printed layer. It has truly come along way from its previous generations as they have now added embossed texture and multiple prints to simulate the look of real timber. They also come in different grades of durability like AC4 which is suitable for residential use or AC5 which is suitable for commercial use. Some are even water resistant!! All these qualities are what sets good laminate floors apart from the others.

Laminate has become incredibly popular due to its durability and its price point, being the most economical out of its other floor covering counterparts. It’s no wonder why its such a popular and functional option for so many. It comes in many different sizes and is available in a wide variety of colours to accommodate for any vision. This means you get the look and feel of timber floors, without the price tag. Laminate Flooring can be laid via the floating method. If you’re handy you may even be able to lay it yourself.

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