Spotted Gum Decking

Spotted Gum (Corymbia Maculata) is a hardwood species with a distinguished soft mottled colour caused by weathering of the outer tree as it sheds elliptical strips of bark, which is how it gets called ‘spotted’.

It ranges from pale grey browns through to soft creams to rich brown chocolate. It has a hard density, with a frequent wavy grain creating a beautiful fiddle back effect.

Our Spotted Gum Decking comes in two different sizes, 86×19 and 135×19. All two sizes are available in random lengths.

Common Names Spotted Gum
Size (mm) 130×19, 136×19, 65×19, 86×19
Appearance Backsawn Grain, Fiddleback, Distinctive Sapwood, Gum Veins
Colours Light Coffee Browns to Dark Chocolates with Reddish Tinges
Grades Standard, Better
Janka Rating 11.0
Botanical Name Corymbia Maculata
Fire-resistant rate BAL29, which does not have to be subjected to fire-retardant treatment.


Although Greenhill Timbers specialise in exporting attractive timbers from abroad, including Merbau timbers and American and European Oak, we always ensure to keep a stock of the finest timbers from home too.

We work with some of the most reputable sawmills across Australia to offer our customers access to a selection of some of our country’s finest hardwood and softwoods timbers.

Our collection of local Australian decking timbers would not be complete without the finest array of spotted gum timber decking Melbourne has to offer. Spotted gum timber is undoubtedly the most popular of any Australian timber decking materials and it’s to see why.

Spotted gum decking timber has a beautiful range of brown shades varying from pale grey browns and soft creams to dark brown colours. This native Australian hardwood species gets its name from its distinctive soft mottled colour caused by weathering of the outer tree as it sheds its strips of bark.

It offers some distinctive benefits that solidify its popularity as a decking material:

Fire Resistance

Spotted gum timber is naturally bush fire-resistant offering greater fire protection than the majority of other hardwood decking materials.


Your investment in the finest spotted gum decking in Melbourne is one that is certain to provide maximum return. With proper maintenance, your spotted gum deck can last up to 40 years.

Resistant To Staining

The stain-resistant properties of spotted gum decking make it a particularly popular choice for areas surrounding pools, barbeques or other areas that are prone to splashes or stains.

Choose from an array of different lengths and sizes

As the leading spotted gum decking timber Melbourne suppliers, we offer spotted gum timber in four different sizes.

Our 86×19, 136×19 and 130×19 sizes are available in a random selection of lengths to meet any design requirements.

Not only do we offer the best selection of different lengths and sizes of any spotted gum decking suppliers Melbourne has to offer but we do so at very affordable prices.

If you are in the market for cheap spotted gum decking Melbourne customers know that Greenhill Timbers can produce high-quality timber solutions to meet their budget.

Explore the possibilities of Spotted Gum Timber

To learn more about how spotted gum decking can enhance your project or enquire about spotted gum decking prices and sizes, please feel free to contact the Greenhill Timbers team.

We would be happy to talk you through the benefits and costs that you can expect to pay for the best Spotted Gum decking in Melbourne.