Pacific Jarrah

Pacific Jarrah is an incredibly strong, dense wood which has good durability in exterior applications. Despite its high density, Pacific Jarrah generally produces excellent results with both hand and machine tools, though it does exhibit an above-average dulling effect on cutters.

Common Names: Masaranduba
Sizes (mm): 90×19, 140×19
Grades: Select
Janka Rating: 14
Distribution: South America


Pacific Jarrah is known for its superior characteristics and properties and is surprisingly easy to work as a heavy wood and despite its density. It machines and finishes to a very smooth surface. The timber takes a fine polish and has the appearance of walnut. Pacific Jarrah decking is incredibly versatile. Its durability makes it a natural choice for commercial projects, such as high-traffic, large-scale beach piers or boardwalks, or even public benches. However, its beauty, strength and low needs for maintenance also make it a leading option for residential decking.

Common Applications:

  1. Decking
  2. Cladding
  3. Rails & Balustrades
  4. Strairs
  5. Flooring
  6. Terraces
  7. Staircases