Jarrah Decking

Jarrah (also known as Eucalyptus Marginata) is one of the only few commercial species from Western Australia. Also famous for its exceptional density, it is highly sought after because of its high resistant to insect attack. It has a distinguished rare colour of rich red which deepens over time into a soft burgundy.

Common Names Jarrah
Size (mm) 130 x 20, 65 x 19, 85 x 20
Appearance Moderately coarse, Even-textured grain
Colours Deep browns to burgundy hues
Grades Standard & Better
Janka Rating 8.5
Botanical Name Eucalyptus marginata


One of our favoured decking options that would be perfect for all kinds of home decors is jarrah decking. Our Jarrah decking timber is an attractive flooring option and the name originates from the aboriginal word “Jarrah” which means tree and timber.

Jarrah decking in Melbourne is unique in the fact that it consists of deep red colours that almost resemble the contrasting colours here in Australia.

Our customers have claimed that our Jarrah decking boards in Melbourne are ideal for setting the scene to an outdoor garden or deck area. Because the jarrah decking timber in Melbourne is made up of hard and durable materials, it makes this timber an obvious choice for those looking to renovate an outdoor setting.

As the leading jarrah decking suppliers in Melbourne we know our products inside out and the value they can add to your home environment. We would like to highlight to you just a sample of the benefits of choosing jarrah decking for your home.

They are as follows:

  • This particular material is famous here in Australia for its exceptional density
  • Australians love jarrah decking as it has a high resistance to insect attacks which makes it perfect for outdoor settings
  • It’s not only resistant to insects but it’s also weather-resistant so even if the weather is acting up, your jarrah decking will retain its fabulous colours and strength
  • As mentioned above, it displays a unique array of red colours that, over time, transition into a soft burgundy shade
  • Jarrah decking is quite limited in availability meaning that your home could be the only few handfuls of homes with such special decking.

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