Stringybark Decking

Stringy Bark (also known as Eucalyptus Agglomerata) is a mixture between varieties of eucalyptus native to many areas of New South Wales.

Ranges in colour from a light pale yellow through to golden hues and light browns. It has a moderately fine texture and even with a straight grain.

Common Names Stringybark
Size (mm) 140 x 22, 90 x 22
Appearance Moderate fine texture, Interlocking grain
Colours Pale brown
Grades Standard & Better
Janka Rating 8.0
Botanical Name Eucalyptus agglomerata


Stringybark is establishing as one of the most popular and attractive decking timbers around the country.  The texture of the timber is medium to fine and the grain is mainly straight, but occasionally overlap and may display gum veins. These characteristics blend just right with its closed grain allowing designers and homeowners to create a natural look.