Cutek Oil

When other timber coatings fail professionals turn to Cutek. For outstanding protection and restoration of exterior timbers, with proven performance on hardwoods, softwoods and bamboo.

How does Cutek work?

Water is timber’s greatest enemy. Most timber coatings form a film on the surface to keep water out and give colour. Some even last a year or two before they turn ugly. But most film coatings fail, and have to be sanded or stripped before the timber can be recoated. This is a messy and costly exercise, especially on windows and railings and hard-to-reach areas.

Cutek oils however, penetrate into the wood and protect from within. They never peel or flake. Maintenance is a simple clean and recoat – no sanding or stripping needed. And wood that is left to silver after coating with Cutek oils can be easily restored to a beautiful natural look even after years of weathering. Even in those hard-to reach places.

15 reasons why to choose Cutek:

Simple to use: Mop, brush, roll or spray, no lap marks.

Time-saving: More time for relaxing.

Two coat system: No special primers or multiple products required.

Increases service life of timbers: Imparts long term dimensional stability.

Never cracks or peels off: No sanding or stripping again.

No waiting: Coat new timbers straight away.

Economical: Great coverage, and a longer lasting deck with lower maintenance.

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Additional Information

Size: 10L, 4L