Colorbond Screening

COLORBOND® is 100% Australian made for harsh Australian conditions from world-renowned COLORBOND® steel, which is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion.

Available in a wide range of contemporary colours to match any home,


COLORBOND® steel makes it easy to get the look you want. With 14 colours to choose from, it’s easy to coordinate your screening with the colours of your home. Each COLORBOND® steel colour has been inspired by Australia’s own magnificent backyard. So whether you want colours that are subtle or bold, light or dark, cool or warm, you’ll find colours that let you blend the natural charm of your garden with your home.

A COLORBOND® steel cladding won’t rot, it won’t be eaten by termites and resists the progress of fire. It is also easy to maintain, so once it’s installed, there’s no need to be spending your time painting, oiling or replacing palings. So, choose a screening made from COLORBOND® steel; it can enhance the privacy and security of your home for years to come.

  • Get the contemporary designer look that also promotes natural light and airflow
  • Made from 100% COLORBOND® steel so you can be sure it’s strong, hardwearing and also, of course termite resistant
  • Suitable for boundary or feature fences or as a screen for patios, carports, garbage bins and pool filters
  • Choose from a range of the most popular COLORBOND® steel colours
  • Available in a range of panel sizes and is easy to install