Iron Bark Cladding

Ironbark is a premium native hardwood that has been well regarded as a high-quality timber in Australia throughout history. It is a particularly hard, strong and durable timber, with a broad range of applications, due to its resistance to lyctid borers and termites.

Common Names Ironbark
Size (mm) 90 x 19, 135 x 19, 190 x 19
Appearance Moderately coarse and even, Straight grain, Occasionally interlocked
Colours Light grey, Light chocolate, Darker reds and browns
Grades Standard & Better
Janka Rating 14.0.
Botanical Name Eucalyptus paniculata


Ironbark is very high strength and durable timber and very hard and heavy. The heartwood presents a stunning array of colours, ranging from pale grey or light chocolate to darker reds and brown

It is generally even in texture and can have some attractive grain figure.