Newtechwood Cladding

NewTechWood timber cladding is the ultimate solution for exterior walls for both residential and commercial applications, which is perfect to add an attractive architectural feature to your building project. The cladding comes in two different designs; composite and castellation, as well as a range of colours.

For durability and longevity, you can’t go past fully capped composite timber cladding. It is highly stained and UV resistant making it long-lasting with virtually no maintenance, making the choice to go with a composite timber-look cladding for your exterior façade an easy one.

NewTechWood’s Castellation 196mm 5 rib panel can be installed quickly and easily, either horizontally or vertically. Accessories are provided to facilitate a neat and perfectly finished result.


NewTechWood Advanced Capped composite external wall cladding has a strong and durable polymer shield which fully caps the core. The core is made of 60% recycled dense wood fibre mixed with 40% high-grade recycled plastics (HDPE). The shield is made of special engineering grade polymer and additives with a water absorption rate as low as 0.1%.

Utilising hidden fixings that hold the boards perfectly in place as well as raising them up from the wall joist system, allows for air circulation between the cladding joints.

With a full range of powder-coated aluminium finishing trims available to complement the project, the finished product will give a high-end look without the need for periodic maintenance. It is a fully finished product meaning you do not need to treat it with a moisture barrier. Being fully capped it is hygroscopic – the boards are impervious to water absorption. Your external timber-look cladding will stand up to all weather conditions without requiring maintenance from you.


A castellation profile is reminiscent of the top of a castle wall having a series of rectangular alternating parapets and indentations. Castellation has once again become a popular architectural trend in both commercial projects and stylish contemporary residential designs.

On a facade, it achieves the look of parallel castellated timber battens with a narrow Shadowline, or rebate, between each one.

NewTechWood’s Castellation 5-rib cladding panel, in three modern colours, provides a multi-dimensional, visually appealing addition to any building project.

It provides the natural appearance of timber without the maintenance. It is an attractive alternative for creating a stylish external facade, screening or as a ceiling treatment.

NewTechWood’s Castellated cladding boards are fully capped with UltraShield so there is no need to oil, paint and stain – ever! The shield gives high stain and UV resistance making it long-lasting and durable.

Castellated eco-cladding boards are 60% recycled dense wood fibre mixed with 40% high-grade recycled plastics (HDPE).