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CUTEK Decking Protection: Preserve and Beautify Your Wood

Now that you've found the most suitable timber for your deck, it's also crucial to know how to maintain its lustre and strength for a lifetime. At Greenhill Timbers, we serve our customers not only with quality grade flooring and decking materials but also by offering a range of products to enhance and increase their lifespan. One such premium brand for timber protection is CUTEK. It brings you a wide array of products that go beyond simply coating the surface of wood. Instead, it utilises advanced technology to safeguard your timber from the inside out, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality.

CUTEK Decking Products: All-in-One Solution to Protect Timber

We realise that decks aren't merely a part of your homes. Rather these are the spaces that enable you to socialise through dinners and parties. Also, a well-maintained deck adds value to your property. So, we have a comprehensive range of products from CUTEK to relieve you from the stress of timber protection, restoring weathered wood and safeguarding it against various natural elements.

Whether you want to Breathe new life into old, weathered, or stained timber with CUTEK® RESTORE or a protecting oil with a unique "self-healing" effect to minimise warping, cupping, and splitting while enhancing the natural beauty of your wood like CUTEK® EXTREME CD50, we have you covered.

Our CUTEK® WOOD STRIPPER efficiently removes unwanted paint and surface coatings, revealing the pristine wood beneath. Also, when you are ready to give your timber a fresh start, we will advise you to follow up with CUTEK® QUICKCLEAN, a thorough and effective cleaning solution that preps your wood for a flawless protective finish. With Cutek, you have everything you need for a successful timber restoration project.

There are also times when you seek to play with the different hues of your decking wood. With our CUTEK deck Colourtones, we offer you a choice of 16 shades, all customisable to suit the aesthetics of your space.

Achieve Deep Protection and Lasting Results with CUTEK®

CUTEK® timber oils go beyond surface-level protection. Here's what sets them apart:

  • Deep Penetration: CUTEK® oils diffuse deeply into the wood, repelling moisture and maintaining structural integrity for a longer lifespan.
  • Self-Healing Action: Unlike traditional coatings that break down over time, CUTEK® oil remains mobile within the wood, actively driving out moisture to prevent warping and splitting, even after cuts or fastener holes.
  • Proven Performance: CUTEK® penetrating oils boast a 30-year track record of withstanding harsh Australian and international weather conditions.

Protect Flooring with CUTEK® Decking Products

Each of our CUTEK® products is easy to use, minimising the manual labour required for timber maintenance. Additionally, CUTEK® eliminates the need for frequent sanding or stripping due to its non-flaking and non-peeling properties, making maintenance quick, simple, and cost-effective.

When you invest in CUTEK® timber protection products from GreenHill Timbers, you will experience the difference for yourself. Visit our store or contact us today to learn more about the best solution for your specific timber needs.

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