Barrington Hardwood Flooring

Barrington Timber Floors are a natural product, with exceptional environmental engineered benefits, as a highly renewable resource.


The Barrington hardwood range is harvested from the Barrington Tops near Gloucester, New South Wales. The beautiful Australian timber range will give you the choice of style and colour to complete any interior design. Ranging from the deep, warm colours of Jarrah to a more sophisticated contemporary feel of Spotted Gum.

Barrington hardwood features a robust coating and structural warranty that will provide a great value proposition from the life and use you will get. Barrington construction is strong and stable and the high grade multi-ply hardwood core allows for minimal movement to environmental changes such as moisture and heat.

The timber surface on top is a 4mm layer of wood. This generous top layer allows for many years of resurfacing when required after many years of enjoyment.